No, it’s not just turnips at the holidays: five new Christmas films to discover on the platforms

Your Christmas or mine ? (Amazon Prime Video)

Together recently, James and Hailey, two drama students, are forced to leave each other for Christmas. Everyone takes the train to find their own family far from London. But as their respective trains are about to start, they both have the same idea: to surprise the other by joining him to spend Christmas together. It is only when they arrive at their destination that they realize the particular situation in which they have put themselves. James finds himself alone in the very festive family of Hailey and the latter is confronted with the coldness of the father of James. An experience that will allow the two lovers to learn more about each other.

A life-changing story that works well over time and that once again demonstrates how important it is to spend Christmas surrounded by the people you love.

Christmas falls on time (Netflix)

Daughter of a very wealthy director of a hotel group, Sierra Belmont has always lived in luxury and comfort, which completely disconnects her from reality. One day, while her fiancé proposes to her on a ski slope, the young woman falls from the mountain and is found unconscious by Jake Russel. Upon waking up, Sierra lost her memory. Her rescuer therefore collects her at his home, in a chalet that has nothing to do with the overpriced mansions in which she is used to living.

Very predictable and rather caricatural, this Christmas film stands out above all for the presence of Lindsay Lohan in the main role, that of Sierra Belmont. A light return for the actress who, in recent years, has made more headlines for her setbacks than for the quality of her films.

Christmas with you (Netflix)

Pop star, Angelina is the singer that all young girls would like to be like. Losing momentum and lacking inspiration, the artist gets it into his head to meet a young fan, Cristina, several kilometers from New York. Welcomed by her family following a snowstorm, she meets Miguel, Cristina’s father. A meeting that will inspire him to relaunch his career and that will make him believe in true love again.

Romance boat and characters that are sorely lacking in depth, this film could very well find its place in the catalog of Christmas TV movies of the afternoon on linear television. However, we note the presence of Freddie Prinze Jr., one of the leading actors in Remember… last summer, in one of the main roles.

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Christmas Thanks to Her (Netflix)

While he had planned to introduce her to his parents, Carlinhos learns that his girlfriend is cheating on him. He then invites Graça, a complete stranger, to come and spend Christmas Eve with his family and introduces her as his girlfriend. The madness of the latter, however, does not fit very well with the very traditional side of those close to Carlinhos.

Sparkling, this Brazilian comedy seduces with its crazy side. However, his pitch is seen and reviewed in the field of Christmas films.

Spirited, the spirit of Christmas (Apple TV+)

Every Christmas Eve, the Christmas Ghost chooses a dark soul and saves it with the help of three spirits. If the method works wonderfully every year, his meeting with Clint Briggs will change everything. The roles are reversed and it is the ghost of Christmas himself who finds himself faced with his past, his present and his future.

The comedy of the moment on the theme of Christmas, with beautiful choreographed scenes and good ideas, in the universe of Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. A good moment that echoes, in its own way, the tale of Dickens.

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