No limits to Putin’s campaign of conquest 2024-02-25 04:30:42

Dmitry Medvedev at an event in Moscow on Friday
Image: AP

The former president does not want to say where Russia’s sacrifice-filled advance in Ukraine will “stop” – at least not in Kiev. The Kremlin still shows no signs of willingness to negotiate.

KJust before the second anniversary of the attack on Ukraine this Saturday, Dmitry Medvedev gave an interview to Russian state media. This reflects aggressiveness, unforgiveness and expressions of hatred on a scale that once once more calls Russia’s regularly asserted willingness to negotiate into question. Medvedev was president and prime minister and is part of the Kremlin leadership as President Vladimir Putin’s deputy in the chairmanship of the National Security Council and as chairman of the power party “United Russia”.

Although there are doubts regarding his real influence, the pseudo-liberal years of his presidency from 2008 to 2012 have long been despised in the Kremlin. But the 58-year-old man from Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg, has been a member of Putin’s staff for more than three decades and demonstratively supports his line vehemently, including on Telegram, where he describes opponents as “abnormalities”, “pigs” and “cockroaches”, among other things ” designated. His words continue to count.

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