No one will believe it… “The death of a whole family, and the reason is sudden”… Tomatoes contain poison, stay away from them immediately…

Tomatoes are considered one of the vegetables that cannot be dispensed with in the preparation of food, whether at home or in restaurants. Tomatoes contain a lot of minerals and salts that benefit the body, but despite their high importance, there are a group of types that have some harm and must be carefully considered when buying. And the Ministry of Health stated that there are a group of types of tomatoes spread in the market in the recent period, which have caused cases of poisoning, especially for children due to weak immunity.

The Ministry of Health warns of deadly tomatoes

The Ministry of Health talked a while ago about the existence of a group of unknown types of tomatoes and called it 025 for tomatoes, which contain many harmful chemicals that are manufactured in unknown areas, and for this reason the Ministry of Health advises farmers not to buy seeds except from known places of origin. The Ministry of Health warns sellers and farmers against purchasing these seeds so as not to be subjected to legal accountability.

Unripe tomato damage

Tomatoes are one of the main ingredients in cooking, so we can prepare them as a tomato sauce or use them in making green salads, so they are bought on a daily basis, and for this reason it is advised to examine and scrutinize the tomatoes well and find red tomatoes because they ripen in a good way, while unripe tomatoes are green in color , which causes many symptoms, such as solanine bacteria, which cause a number of damages such as:

  • Sensation of pain in the abdomen.
  • Burning sensation in the throat.
  • Constant feeling of vomiting without any reason.
  • If the percentage of solanine is high in the body, death may result.
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