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2023-05-21 10:33:00

Image source: MBC official IG

The Korean drama “North Korean Lawyer” is starred by new-generation actors such as Woo Do-hwan, Cosmic Girl Bona, and VIXX Cha Hak-young. The combination of handsome men and beautiful women has successfully attracted everyone’s attention, and the discussion has continued. The drama has been aired on the 20th. In the ending, after the ending was aired, the actor Yu Chaohuan uploaded an unaired clip on his personal IG, which attracted a lot of criticism and asked him to delete the post, and then it was forwarded to theqoo forum, and the number of comments directly exceeded 1,000.

On the 20th, Yu Chaohuan uploaded a video on his personal IG, writing “My wish is…”. In the video, the two are lying on the bed holding hands intimately. Hugging her behind her, leaning her head on top of her, Baona turns her head and smiles from time to time, while Yu Chaohuan talks and kisses her cheeks and ears intimately, but this clip seems to be considered too large by many netizens, so It drew criticism and demanded its removal.

Image source: Yu Chaohuan IG

Many netizens angrily criticized in the message area “I am a 19-banned actor, so I don’t have to think about the other party…”, “Uncle, delete the post ㅋㅋ I really don’t know what I want to hear from the unbroadcast clips” , “Selfishness is too dirty, why is it like this? I wonder if he has any ideas”, “This one doesn’t worry about the fans~nor the actors~”, etc., but some netizens think it’s just a very ordinary intimate scene, I don’t know why there is such a fuss, which has caused controversy between the two factions. What do you think?

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