Now it is compulsory to wear a mask outdoors


January 08, 2022 – 16:29 Clock

Austria’s new rules: mask requirement outdoors, new quarantine regulation

The federal government in Austria has discussed the corona situation with the federal states and the experts from the state-wide Covid Crisis Coordination (GECKO). The main focus was on the Omikron variant.

The most glaring innovation: it is compulsory to wear a mask outdoors!

Chancellor Karl Nehammer said in a press conference that Austria was in a risky situation. And that Omikron harbors new dangers: The number of infections will skyrocket. In the fight against Omikron, Austria is relying on more controls and stricter FFP2 mask requirements.

In future, the masks will also have to be worn outdoors whenever the safety distance of two meters cannot be maintained, says Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer. “It’s always better to put on the mask than not to.”

In addition, controls should be tightened. In trade, for example, a control obligation is being introduced that has not existed in this form before. In Austria, extensive 2G regulations apply in retail.

Nehammer also does not rule out a new lockdown. But he appeals to the population “that we do everything together to prevent a next lockdown as we can.”


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