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A major global airline began weighing its passengers as a measure to control fuel use. Of course, in addition to the suitcases, its users will have to get on the scale, although the client’s weight will not be revealed.

Considering the weight of our luggage, both carry-on and checked, is essential before flying to avoid paying an additional fee for overweight. However, now your own weight must also be taken into account as an additional factor when traveling. At least, this is what happens if you decide to fly with Finnair, the well-known Finnish airline.

Numerous European media debated this week about this new measure. The airline has announced that it will begin the process of weighing travelers along with their hand luggage and so far a hundred of them have already been weighed.

Although each aircraft has a set weight limit that must not be exceeded to ensure a safe flight, the weight of passengers and their carry-on luggage is generally calculated based on the average passenger weight, which is updated every five years.

Passengers will be weighed on this European airline

The European airline guaranteed that the weight of passengers will not be disclosed and will not be linked to their personal data. For now, this weighing measure is optional, but the possibility of it becoming a mandatory requirement cannot be excluded.

And what happens to clients who are overweight? So far, no sanctions are imposed on heavier passengers, but they do not rule out that, later, they will be charged more.

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The airline indicated that this change is intended to adjust the balance of the plane by providing more accurate estimates of cargo weight before takeoff.

Many airlines use industry averages in their own load estimates. But Finnair has its own weighing program and updates its passenger averages less often with this practice.

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