Now tormentors beg victims (13) for forgiveness

The perpetrators ruthlessly beat their victim, stubbed out cigarettes in her face and set her hair on fire. The girls between the ages of 13 and 16 even recorded the torture in a video.

But now two of the tormentors are begging for forgiveness! Photos from the “Bild” newspaper show a meeting between the perpetrators and their tormented victims.

“We’ll never do anything like that again. We regret so much that we took part, »they plead with tears.

One of the perpetrators continued: «I’m so sorry for what I did to you. You never have to be afraid of me again. If you have problems, you can always come to me now.”

The victim accepts the apology and even hugs.

The mother of one of the tormentors is also relieved after the reconciliation talks. “It was good for my daughter. She has a better feeling now,” she believes.

It is still unclear what legal consequences the teen offenders face. Especially because many of them are still under criminal responsibility. The victim himself is currently in a day clinic and is receiving psychological care.

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