Nutritional Supplements: Short-Term Benefits but Long-Term Risks

2024-01-08 10:08:15

Seven nutritional ingredients that have no side effects when consumed for a short period of time, but cause more harm than good when consumed over a long period of time. It is a good idea to check the redundant ingredients in the nutritional supplements you normally take, check the recommended daily amount, and consume only the nutritional supplements that meet your purpose at a minimum.

1️⃣ zinc

It is effective in improving male function and immune system and treating acne, but the most common side effects are long-term overdose. If you consume more than the upper limit of 35 mg for a long time, it causes copper deficiency. When there is a lack of copper, our body’s immune system suffers and anemia occurs. You may experience symptoms such as gastrointestinal disorders, decreased antioxidant enzymes, muscle pain, body aches, and nervous system abnormalities. In this case, you need to consume additional copper. Do not take 50mg zinc supplements for more than a week. When taking it long-term, it is safe to limit it to 30mg, which is below the upper limit.

2️⃣ Vitamin A

There is no problem when consumed in large quantities through food, but if taken as a supplement, you must be careful about liver levels and neurotoxicity. It may increase liver levels or promote allergic skin reactions. For smokers, high dose intake of more than 5000 IU can cause lung cancer, and for pregnant women, be especially careful as it can cause birth defects. When taking multivitamins and vitamin A together, the dosage must be carefully calculated.

3️⃣ milk thistle

It helps regenerate liver cells and improve liver toxicity and liver function. There is no problem with long-term use if you follow the recommended intake indicated on the product. If you have an underlying disease such as hyperlipidemia, it is best to consult with an expert before consuming it. If you take too much to deal with drinking too much and frequent hangovers, it can be hard on your body. It is best to start with a low dose and increase it as you check your body’s response.

4️⃣ Vitamin D

Data from a Canadian study showed that taking high doses of vitamin D increases mortality. This is data from a 5-year study of 5,600 people, and the subjects took 6,000 IU of vitamin D once a month. If your vitamin D level is insufficient, it is safe to take 4-5,000 IU for about 3 months and then reduce it to 1,000 IU. If you take high doses for a long time, there is a possibility of calcium calcification and kidney stones.

5️⃣ Dietary Fiber

Various dietary fibers, including psyllium husk, are popular nutritional supplements for people on diet as they relieve constipation. However, long-term use may cause black intestines or nutritional deficiencies. Dietary fiber interferes with the absorption of food, so to avoid side effects, it is best to take it only for a purpose and stop taking it when the purpose is achieved. Alternatively, you can take minerals such as copper, manganese, and selenium and multivitamins separately.

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6️⃣ herbal supplements

Natural supplements made from herbal medicines and herbs sometimes cause unpredictable side effects. Because herbs contain various ingredients, if consumed for a long time, they affect the liver and kidneys and cause allergic and inflammatory reactions. There are also interactions that increase the effectiveness of the drug when taken with other drugs for depression, neurosis, cardiovascular disease, etc. In particular, it is best to avoid unproven herbal supplements as they may affect the regulation of liver enzymes. Nutrients such as resveratrol, quercetin, and curcumin, which have already been studied for a long time by many organizations, are okay.

7️⃣ Vitamin B6

Overseas, the upper limit is set at 200 mg, but in Korea, it is set at 100 mg. According to some data, there are results showing neurotoxicity as a side effect even after taking 40 mg. Start by consuming a small amount and slowly increase it if there is no numbness or pain in your hands or feet.


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