NVIDIA cancels 12GB RTX 4080 sales amid criticism

NVIDIA has announced that only 16GB RTX 4080 graphics cards will go on sale. The corresponding entry appeared in the official blog of the company.

Initially, NVIDIA planned to launch two versions of the RTX 4080, 16 and 12 GB, but users criticized this approach. According to the entry, the company decided to recall the junior model due to “the wrong name chosen.” Presumably, the video cards will go on sale later under a new number.

The start of sales of RTX 40XX is scheduled for October 16, 2022. The top model of the new series, the GeForce RTX 4090, will be equipped
24 GB of video memory and, according to the developers, will be twice as powerful as a similar video card from the 30th series. Earlier, information appeared on the network that the company abandoned plans for the RTX 4090 Ti due to the fact that the graphics card melted under high load.

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