NWA USA #13 results & report from Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 04/09/2022 (incl. video of the complete show)

Quelle: National Wrestling Alliance

National Wrestling Alliance „NWA USA #13“
Ort: GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
First broadcast: April 09, 2022 on Youtube

Full Show

May Valentine greets Chris Silvio, Esq. to the interview. Jax Dane’s lawyer complains about unfair treatment of his client. Silvio says neither the Fixers nor Marshee Rockett will get a title shot.

Kyle Davis welcomes Colby Corino to his desk. Corino wants to appeal his loss in the 4-Way Match for the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship. Corino talks about getting into the pro wrestling business. He then turns his attention to NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Homicide. According to Colby Corino, Homicide only won the title because it wasn’t a singles match. Davis announces a short commercial break before Corino will play a match.

1. Match
Singles Match
Colby Corino defeated Mike Jackson via a pin after a gunshot.
Match time: 05:47

In a 60-second video, Natalia Markova hypes herself. She says men are into her and throw money at her feet. The other ladies are just jealous.

2. Match
Singles Match
Ariya Daivari defeated Sal Rinauro via pin after carpet ride.
Match time: 05:55

After the match, Daivari goes to see Kyle Davis. Daivari makes it clear he’s aiming for the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship. He will not wait for word from NWA President William Corgan. He challenges Nick Aldis and says Aldis doesn’t respect him. Every time Aldis asks him at a meeting how his brother Shawn is doing. Ariya has had enough and wants to embarrass Aldis.

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May Valentine interviews Ricky Morton. Half of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express is talking about his son Kerry. So he has the potential to become a champion one day. However, the road is long and hard. He looks forward to his son’s matches and is very proud of him.

3. Match
Tag Team Match
Marshee Rockett & Jax Dane defeated The Fixers (Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky) via Rockett’s pin on Legursky after the Rockett kick.
Match time: 06:41
– During the match, commentators Joe Galli and Velvet Sky revealed that the winner will get a shot at Dane’s NWA National Championship.

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