Occupational Medicine in Mexico City: Covid-19 and Top Diseases Treated in 2022 by IMSS

2023-10-05 00:44:00

Mexico City. The main diseases treated by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Occupational Medicine in 2022 were Covid-19, with 63,405 cases; dorsopathies, with 2,836; hearing loss, with 2,149; shoulder injuries, with 1,233; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, with 1,144 and 1,031 workers with pneumoconiosis.

On Occupational Medicine Day (October 4), the institute reported that it has 1,146 basic and trusted doctors who work in the Occupational Health services of the 35 Deconcentrated Administrative Operation Bodies, who are in charge to carry out risk prevention actions and recognize health damage in work environments.

“Since the founding of the Institute, Occupational Medicine has been a fundamental axis to achieve social justice, we seek to provide companies and workers with advice and recommendations to avoid accidents and work-related illnesses, and ensure that workplaces are safe and healthy places,” said Dr. Rebeca Velasco Reyna, head of the IMSS Workplace Health Coordination.

To prioritize the health of workers in collaboration with companies, unions and the Institute, the IMSS presented the Safe and Healthy Work Environments (ELSSA) program in May 2022, which “focuses on promoting safe and healthy work environments through of actions focused on the main health problems due to work risks and general illness, promoting a culture of prevention in companies.”

Other ELSSA priorities are to prevent accidents in work environments, psychosocial and ergonomic risk factors, and improve productivity, considering workers as the companies’ greatest asset.

In support of the above, the IMSS has 4 Occupational and Environmental Health Laboratories, and 13 Regional Centers for Workplace Safety, training and productivity.

Separately, and on the occasion of the date, Pedro Zenteno Santaella, general director of the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (ISSSTE), highlighted the importance of strengthening occupational medicine as a means of preventing diseases, risks and accidents in work areas, as part of the actions to protect the health of the right.

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When inaugurating the First International Interdisciplinary and Innovation Congress in Occupational Medicine, he highlighted the importance of overcoming delays and expanding communication between the different areas involved in developing occupational medicine at the ISSSTE.

He assured that the ISSSTE is in full transformation and strengthening from many angles, in compliance with the instruction of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to guarantee the human right to health with quality and humanism.

The objective is “to improve our beloved ISSSTE and we are all involved in the task of strengthening it; First, from the angle of infrastructure, personnel, supply, equipment and the construction of six new medical units that we are carrying out throughout the country and, without a doubt, it is a substantive part because it is reflected in the care of our beneficiaries.” .

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