October 24, 1993: The “Arnulf Rainer Museum” opens in New York City

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On Tuesday, October 24th, the book of history records, among other things:

1273: After his election by the Electors, Rudolf I, progenitor of the Habsburgs, is crowned king in Aachen.
1648: The Peace of Westphalia, signed in Münster (with the French and their allies) and Osnabrück (with the Swedes), ended the Thirty Years’ War and created the constitutional basis of the empire until its dissolution in 1806. The Protestant denomination was recognized as having equal rights. European powers ratify the independence of the United Netherlands and Switzerland.
1788: Opening of the Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna.
1813: In the Russo-Persian Peace of Gülistan, the Persian Empire loses most of its Caucasian possessions.
1873: Mayor Cajetan Felder opens Vienna’s first high spring water pipeline, which starts from the foot of the Schneeberg.
1918: The Austro-Hungarian Foreign Minister Count Burián von Rajecz resigns and Count Andrássy becomes his successor.
1918: In Fiume (Rijeka) the 79th Infantry Regiment mutinied.
1938: The sculptor, graphic artist and author Ernst Barlach, who was ostracized during the Nazi era, dies in Rostock at the age of 68.
1948: On the tenth anniversary of Ernst Barlach’s death, Suhrkamp’s posthumous novel “The Stolen Moon” is published.
1948: The operetta composer Franz Lehár dies in his villa in Bad Ischl. His most frequently performed works include “The Merry Widow” (1905) and “Land of Smiles” (1929).
1963: Mud collapse in the Mathilde iron ore mine near Lengede: 29 miners die. 14 miners, eleven of whom were rescued alive following two weeks.
1983: The start of preparatory work for the deployment of newer Soviet missiles is announced in the USSR, the GDR and the CSSR.
1993: The “Arnulf Rainer Museum” opens in New York City.
2003: A general strike is taking place in Italy with which the unions are protesting once morest Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s pension reform plans.
2003: Last Concorde flight: After 34 years, the era of western supersonic passenger traffic ends. British Airways and Air France are discontinuing it for cost reasons.
2008: Vienna’s former mayor Helmut Zilk dies at the age of 81 as a result of an infection.
2008: Eva Glawischnig becomes Green Club chairwoman, succeeding Alexander Van der Bellen.
2018: The Council of Ministers decides on the controversial reform of social security structures. The number of providers will be reduced to five, the main association of social insurers will be significantly devalued and the position of employer representatives in the various committees will be clearly strengthened, while in return the employees will lose massive amounts of influence. The contribution check goes to the finance department.

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Birthdays: Peter Johann Brandl, Bohemian. painter (1668-1735); Tito Gobbi, Italian baritone (1913-1984); Walter Kappacher, Eastern Writer (1938).
Days of death: Joseph Hellmesberger, Eastern conductor (1828-1893); Alexandre Charles Lecocq, French composer (1832-1918); Ernst Barlach, German sculptor/graphic artist/poet (1870-1938); Franz Lehár, Eastern-Hungarian. composer (1870-1948); Helmut Zilk, Eastern Politician/journalist (1927-2008); Manolo Escobar, Spanish musician (1931-2013).
Name days: Anton, Gilbert, Fromund, Salome, Alois, Evergistus, Thaddäus, Philipp, Armella, Raphael, Martin.

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