ÖFB-Cup: Red Bull Salzburg is not a dream lot for Austria Salzburg – the venue has to be decided on Friday

2023-07-30 20:54:13

The fact that their team meets their archenemy Red Bull Salzburg in the second round of the ÖFB Cup is a headache for the Austria officials.

The story of the dislike between Austria Salzburg and Red Bull Salzburg is quickly told. The late Red Bull boss Didi Mateschitz took over the Bundesliga club Austria Salzburg in 2005 and not only changed the name but also the colors of the club. The purple fans then turned their backs on the Bulls and re-established Austria in the same year.

Now the two Salzburg clubs will face each other in a game for the first time at the end of September (26th, 27th or 28th). So far, the violets have only dueled with the second team of the bulls in the hall and on the field. The fact that there will be a big Salzburg derby in the second round of the ÖFB Cup is giving those responsible for Austria a headache.

Maxglan only with floodlights and ok the executive

“We would certainly have wished for a different opponent in the draw on Sunday. But now we have to live with it and make the best of it,” explains Austria President Claus Salzmann, who is particularly concerned about the stadium issue. The Violets hope that the cup hit can be played at their home stadium in Maxglan, but this requires the approval of several parties. Maxglan is only an issue if the floodlights can be used again and the executive ensures safety in the small stadium. Ried is omitted from the two alternate stadiums because the Upper Austrians will be playing a home game themselves in the second round. Only Grödig remains. However, the general financial conditions must first be clarified with the people of Flachgau. And time is pressing: the ÖFB must be informed of the venue for the cup game as early as next Friday.

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Safety is paramount

“I would really like to play in Maxglan. At the end of the day we would probably have the most money left. I don’t know yet whether it’s feasible,” says Salzmann, who rules out swapping places. “As things stand at present, we definitely want to keep home rights. The game will not take place in the Red Bull Arena.” The Austria President wants to avoid any differences between the two fan camps around the game: “Safety must come first. Since I’ve been in charge of Austria, there have never been any problems and there will be no problems with this one either don’t give the game.”

Saalfelden can also compete with a Bundesliga club: The Pinzgauer meet Altach.

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