“Omicron’s XBB Subvariants are Now Dominant in China: Virologist Shares Latest Update”

2023-05-09 01:34:31

Omicron’s XBB subvariants are now the predominant COVID-19 strains in China, and no significant change in pathogenicity has been observed, a virology expert said on Monday.

The prevalence of XBB subvariants in China rose from 0.2% in mid-February to 74.4% in late April, said Chen Cao, a researcher at the National Institute for Virus Disease Control and Prevention, who depends on the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, during a press conference.

Among the imported COVID-19 cases, 97.5 percent registered at the end of April were XBB subvariants, matching the global prevalence, Chen said.

He said China has established a COVID-19 monitoring and alert system covering hospitals and key sites, fever clinics and urban sewage, adding that citizens should maintain good habits. hygiene and respond rationally to the epidemic.

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