ON VIDEO | Terrifying merry-go-round: the cable of a catapult gives way at the start

Catapult-type rides are made for thrills, but never like what two riders experienced when they were thrown against a beam when a cable gave way.

The terrifying incident, which was captured in video, took place on Wednesday night at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London, UK.

The images, shared on social media, show two people taking their places aboard the catapult-like ride.

This type of carousel, which can be found in particular at La Ronde in Montreal, propels two people into the air tied to a metal ball using harnesses.

Two rubber bands hold the ball upright so it maintains a straight line in the air.

Except that this time, when the ball was propelled into the air, one of the two rubber bands that holds it in place gave way, throwing the sphere against a beam.

After hitting the metal beam, the ball hangs on the elastic remaining in the air.

Fortunately, the two people who took place in the ball were not injured, according to the Daily Mail.

A spokesperson for the park also confirmed to the British media that the ride has been closed while an investigation into the incident is carried out.

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