Once again, Terry Tarpey was decisive for the victory of the Blues

As a symbol, Terry Tarpey therefore intercepted the winning ball against the Turks to grab the qualification. An action that illustrates well the EuroBasket that the French winger is carrying out: hard in defense, clever, and always well placed. Not the best French player tonight, but without him, the Turks might be celebrating the victory that was offered to them on a plate (hello Cedi Osman).

We are in overtime. There are eight seconds left in this absolutely insane match. France are ahead by one point after Rudy Gobert missed his two free throws. Furkan Korkmaz, who has already planted 18 including 5 in this extension, is defended by Amath M’Baye. The Sixers shooter tries to create a shot but is well defended. He tries a back cross, loses the ball, and guess who pops up to catch him and cross the field until the buzzer goes off? You will have understood it, it is our friend double T. It is the decisive action of this end of match, the one which makes it possible to destroy the hopes of victory of the Turks, the one which makes it possible to to forget pass Rudy’s two missed shots. And it is also the one that confirms all the good that we thought of MR. Terry Tarpey.

Once again, the Blues made us sweat our races, and once again, Terry Tarpey therefore responded after spending long minutes on the bench. When Timoté Luwawu-Cabarrot went out for 5 faults, it was to him that Vincent Collet turned, and as usual, he does not wait a single second to have a positive impact, ready and fresh as a roach. Like his campaign, Terry is more terrible than terrine, Terry does not disappoint, or very little, and even if his match was relatively timid, although very clean (2 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals, no loss of ball ), it is still him who has the last word, for the greater good of the French.

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It had to be him who intercepted the ball. He had to, and it’s no coincidence that he was there at the right time, in the right place. So Terry, we’re repeating ourselves but please don’t change anything. Especially not face to serbs to the winner of Serbia – Italy, which we will face in the quarter-finals on Wednesday.

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