Oops! Breaking up with Gisel, Wijin is caught giving an expression of love to Tamara Dai


Wijaya Saputra it seems that it didn’t take long to move on from Gisel. The man who is familiarly called Wijin is said to have had a new trailer.

As is known, Wijin and Gisel are no longer together. About two months ago, they agreed to end their love affair.

Now, Gisel more often seen alone. In fact, it is rumored that he will return to the arms of his ex-husband, Gading Marten, because of the closeness that is seen.

Wijin is also not without news. He is said to already have a replacement for Gisel in his heart.

That woman is Tamara Dai, a figure who has been known as a model. Both were found to be present at a shoe store opening event in Jakarta.

Wijin had uploaded their togetherness on Instagram. They look great in all white outfits.

“On white, grand opening,” Wijin wrote on Instagram.

The post immediately received a response from Tamara Dai. He responded with two passionate love emojis.

Wijin responded to that reply. He replied with two love emojis in the comments column.


The love emoji reciprocated attracted the attention of many people. One of Wijin’s colleagues, Papa Edwan, even immediately congratulated Wijin and Tamara Dai.

“Congratulations lovebirds,” he wrote which was later returned with a smile by Wijin.

“This new girlfriend huh? Beautiful,” said netizens.

“It’s beautiful, it fits really well,” said another.

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