Optimism back among traders as summer sales approach

2023-06-28 06:13:22

Three out of ten traders expect to sell less during the summer sales, compared to 48.7% last year, according to the latest survey by the Union des Classes Moyennes (UCM). This optimism, however, contrasts with the first half of the year, since nearly one in two merchants claims to have sold less in the last six months.

According to the UCM survey, nearly half of independent retailers surveyed say they have experienced a drop in sales over the past six months. In addition, more than 40.9% of them have a larger stock than usual, compared to 49.6% the previous year. This situation can be explained by “the anticipation of traders facing the management of their stocks” as well as by external factors such as “the energy crisis and supply times”, analyzes the federation.

In order to sell their stocks beyond the legal sales periods, 37% of traders have already set up promotions and joint offers from the beginning of June, compared to 51.4% last year.

About three in ten retailers expect lower sales compared to the previous year. In addition, the number of merchants who decide not to participate in sales has increased from 10.3% to 18.8% in 2022. Unlike last year when the reductions, from the outset, had been more important, traders will start sales at 30%, “a more classic percentage”, notes the UCM.

The survey also highlights the evolution of means of payment in local shops. The debit card is accepted in 90% of shops, while more than one in two shopkeepers also offer payment by smartphone. “Electronic payment has become obvious” since more than 75% of those questioned declare that more than half of the purchases made at home are paid for electronically.

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