Orlando looks back on his very brief stint at the Big Heads (VIDEO)

Laurent Ruquier succeeded to Philippe Bouvard to the animation of Big heads, RTL’s cult show, in 2014. Every day, he humorously deciphers the news with the show’s members. The personalities involved in the program rotate regularly. Orlandowell known for being the brother of the singer Dalidadont it perpetuates the memorywas also one of the speakers on the show, in 2016. But as he recalled on the show At Jordan’shis transition to the antenna of the red station was very, very fast.

Orlando finally only made one show on RTL

“I did not stay at my request”, he immediately pointed out. It was not a first for the artist, who had joined the program at the time of Laurent Ruquier’s predecessor. “Already long before, Philippe Bouvard had invited me. I had simply done so one day and I had said ‘Philippe, it’s not for me’. He understood right away. he confided. However, he wanted to try the experience once more at the request of the companion of Hugo Manos, to whom he is very close. “We have more hooked atoms. I did a lot of shows with him and always with great pleasure”, he pointed out. “He invited me for three days. He gave me the choice by saying: ‘Look, you don’t have to come every day. You choose the week you want to come. You will do two, three days in the week. So it amused me, it must be said that I was a little proud that I had been asked for the Big heads“, he detailed. Despite these favorable conditions, Dalida’s brother once once more cut short the experience.As soon as I did the first show, I didn’t feel comfortable. I said : ‘No, it’s not for me because you need to have a very broad, very eclectic knowledge of a lot of things, which I didn’t have time to have or maybe it didn’t interest me. . I felt out of placehe noted. “I’m really a very good customer for television”, he added.

“It’s not my DNA”notes Dalida’s brother

Orlando did not return to the show the next day and explained it to Laurent Ruquier. “It’s not my DNA. Me, you will have me as you want, but not for this show”, he justified himself to his accomplice, telling him that other candidates were rushing to the door of the program. Jordan De Luxe wanted to know if it was not the teasing of other members that might have hurt him and pushed him to quit. What Orlando refuted: “I only did one day, so maybe because it was the first day, they wanted to spare me so as not to scare me. But they were all very kind”.

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