ÖVP wants the end of receipts for small amounts

2023-08-26 09:07:00

At least for amounts up to 30 euros, it should no longer have to be printed out – unless the customers want it. That should make shopping easier and at the same time protect the environment, according to Plakolm. You have to follow the example of Italy or France here, said Egger. Italy has implemented a digital solution and France is considering a minimum limit of just 30 euros.

The Economic Association estimates that 70 percent of the approximately 2.8 billion transactions are less than 30 euros. Around 1,500 kilometers of receipts are printed out every day, which corresponds to around 2,000 spruce trees.

Plakolm: Less “sticking”, more “common sense”

But most of them would end up in the garbage anyway. Plakolm also uses her proposal in the “Krone” to rail against activists again: “When it comes to climate protection, more common sense measures are needed and fewer activists sticking to the streets.” Since the regulation was introduced on January 1, 2016, receipts have to be handed over for all purchases, regardless of the amount.


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