Pan-Africanism: immobility and fratricidal quarrels

2023-04-27 00:54:57

All countries in the world aspire to development, but the desire to accumulate wealth unduly has pushed some to want to dominate and exploit others. Ultimately, in the concert of nations, some impose themselves, while others suffer. It goes without saying that getting organized to deal with this injustice is a requirement.

In the march towards development, Africa, the cradle of humanity, is lagging behind. She seeks to find her balance in order to walk well. Even if she is not at the end of her troubles, the fact remains that following having followed for years a route punctuated with traps, pitfalls and other obstacles, she is supposed to have learned to clear her way. path.

If it is undeniable that the various forms of humiliation and domination, such as slavery, balkanization, colonization, apartheid and other ignominies have hampered Africa, it is equally undeniable that the causes of its situation present day are more endogenous than exogenous. Indeed, it is not yet out of the rut; it is unable to unite, to emancipate itself and to face the challenges of development because of the mentalities and behavior of its elites who are often at odds with its interests.

It is important to recall that in the past, on the continent and in the diaspora, precursors, thinkers, historical figures, heroes and heroines of the fight for the emancipation, dignity and unity of Africa illustrated themselves. They have organized symposiums, conferences, congresses and other meetings. They made reflections, recommendations and proposals. Under their impetus, Africa has known different forms of contestation and resistance underpinned by ideologies, processes, currents and movements such as the Harlem Renaissance, Negritude, decolonization, anti-imperialism, the Afrocentrism, Pan-Africanism, etc.

Unquestionably, the construction of a free, proud, united and prosperous Africa had its precursors. It lacks fervent followers as time goes by, but in globalization, Africa must rely only on itself. Already in the early 1960s, the momentum for Pan-Africanism and the destiny of Africa was broken. This led to the creation of two groups, that of Monrovia and that of Casablanca. It was at a stage where African leaders might not overcome their contradictions, even if they ended up picking up the pieces without really moving forward, with the creation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) May 25, 1963. Since July 9, 2002, the African Union (AU) has replaced the OAU. The summits follow one another, some perspectives are emerging, but the challenges remain. At the pace things are going, it is possible to see that our continent is treading water.

Africa is very rich, its resources and its wealth are highly coveted. Paradoxically, poverty is severely rife in all its nooks and crannies because it is divided and exploited. The lobbies, the multinationals and the powers of this world compete, jostle and argue regarding it. In the digital age, they undermine the morale of many Africans, deepen division and stir up discord. At the same time, they entertain, infantilize and instrumentalize some who have become their apologists and propagandists.

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Admittedly, contradictions are inevitable, but they must serve to move the lines. If from the beginning of the 1960s, division got the better of union, it is time for Africans to learn the lessons of the past. Instead, taking up the cause of competing foreign interests, African brothers ignore Africa’s interests and tear each other apart. They engage in fratricidal quarrels, especially on social networks. It is as if these Africans came into the world to betray their cause and defend those of others. It’s really a pity!

Today more than ever, Africa’s salvation lies in Pan-Africanism. On the other hand, it has been so overused and sabotaged that other pitfalls must be avoided, such as the recent monopolization of the pan-Africanist fight by a few individuals, for unorthodox purposes. In addition, it suffered greatly from the dilatory decision-makers; it can no longer be their preserve. In view of the evasions and procrastination that plague him, he must be taken out of the restricted framework of meetings and official meetings in which he is confined. The task falls to sincere Pan-Africanists who must make it their duty to organize and raise awareness among the greatest number for a progressive and popular Pan-Africanism that will lead to true union, emancipation and development.

By Zakaria Abdourahman

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