Panasonic’s next-generation Toughbook rugged laptop is slightly lighter than its predecessor


Panasonic’s Toughbook series of notebooks are mainly for the military and industrial markets, featuring ultra-sturdy and modular designs that are unattainable for ordinary notebooks.latest generation Toughbook 40 Naturally, it is no exception. Although Panasonic enlarged the screen to 14 inches, it also made it thinner and lighter, but in this industrial-grade rugged model, even if the weight is reduced by nearly half a kilo, there are still It weighs 3.35 kg and has a full thickness of 5.3 cm.

Rugged laptops focus on durability in a variety of harsh environments, so the latest and greatest components won’t be the focus, but the Toughbook 40’s specs aren’t too bad either. In addition to the choice of 11th-generation Core i7 and i5 processors, it is also equipped with up to 64GB of memory, 2TB SSD, and a built-in 5G or 4G LTE network. Its 14-inch screen is only 1080p resolution, but has a brightness of up to 1,200nits, suitable for use under the sun. The real feature of the Toughbook is its modular design, which can be customized for different work environments by adding CD drives, additional I/O ports, batteries, storage, and even a barcode reader as needed.

Like its predecessors in the series, the Toughbook 40 starts at a whopping US$4,899. However, this is originally a product for users with professional needs. In an environment that requires such a level of computer, there are only a handful of models that can survive.

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