Park Na-rae, who went to the wedding of her first love whom she loved for 3 years and paid a huge ‘congratulatory money’

MBC ‘I Live Alone’

[뉴스1] Reporter Lee Ji-hyun = It was reported that Park Na-rae attended the wedding of her first love.

At the opening of MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’, broadcast on the afternoon of the 10th, broadcaster Jeon Hyun-moo drew attention by asking comedian Park Na-rae, “Did you go to a wedding today?”

Previously, Narae Park visited her alma mater Anyang Arts High School and met a classmate she had a crush on for a long time while in school. At the time, this classmate was shocked, not shocked, when she handed Na-rae Park her wedding invitation.

Upon hearing the news that Narae Park had been to the wedding, Key from SHINee said, “Aren’t you here to play chess? Did you say you went in a dress?” and gave a big laugh.


InsightMBC ‘I Live Alone’

In particular, Gian 84 made Park Na-rae grab the belly button of those who asked, “Isn’t this the last time you went to confession?”

Park Na-rae said no at all, and said, “I had a good trip with a smile.

After hearing this, Code Kunst and Jeon Hyun-moo added laughter by saying, “I pay with fake money, and there is also a seed bank.”

InsightMBC ‘I Live Alone’

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