Patch 25.6: Blizzard Announces Reintroduction of Companions to Battlegrounds Mode – Hearthstone

With Patch 25.6 next week, Companions will once once more feature in the Battlegrounds mode ofHearthstone. Find all the details in the article published just now by Blizzard on the official site, and more new arrivals right here during the evening!

Battleground Companions return in the 25.6 Mid-Season Update! Companions are friends, sidekicks, or familiars unique to each Battleground Hero or Heroine and designed to synergize with their playstyle. need ! Now that companions are back, we’re going to solidify that friendship with some updates.

New companions!

Companions are returning for Heroes and Heroines who already had a Battleground Companion before, but Battlegrounds have since evolved, so there’s no shortage of opportunities to make new friendships! Heroes and heroines who don’t already have one will receive their companion in Update 25.6, like Murloc Holmes’ new signature companion, Watsaileron!

A new way to build friendships!

The companion meter will disappear and be replaced by a “companion button” which you can press to immediately get your companion. The initial cost to get your companion will depend on your companion’s tavern level. Companion Tavern levels have been revised. It is now possible to have companions with tavern levels 1 to 6. The cost to acquire a tavern level 1 companion will start at 11 gold and the cost to acquire a tavern level 6 companion will start at 21 gold coins. The cost will then be reduced by (3) for each fight won or drawn and reduced by (2) for each fight lost.

As with the companion meter, the companion button can be activated up to two times per game. When you press the button the first time, you get one copy of your companion, and when you press the button the second time, you get two copies. The cost resets and increases slightly following pressing the button the first time. This allows you to plan a strategy and choose the right time to integrate your companion (or companions) into your warband!

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Upgrading a capacity beyond its maximum cap

Wait, that’s not all!

Follow the official social media accounts of Hearthstone to meet new companions today! Look out for the 25.6 patch notes next week, which will give you more details on all the new battleground updates as well as information regarding the next expansion of Hearthstone !

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