“Percy Jackson”: Series adaptation is coming to Disney +!

Percy JacksonListen up, fans! Announced in May 2020 Disney+ one Series adaptation of the Rick Riordan novel. It became quiet around the project, now the author speaks up.

That was unexpected. In two films, filmmakers tried their hand at the popular fantasy series “Percy Jackson” by Rick Riordan. Both times, the box office revenue lagged far behind expectations. About two years ago, the Disney+ streaming service took over the reins. After that, the project became quiet for a long time.


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The two “Percy Jackson” films from 2010 and 2013 brought in around 430 million dollars. They cost almost 200 million. By Hollywood standards, they almost scraped along the flop. The cinema adaptation disappointed many fans of the novel. Responsible for the films back then: Disney. “Percy Jackson” was put on hold. First of all.

“Percy Jackson”: Disney+ legt the

In May 2020, Disney+ announced a series about the Olympus gods, who are now up to mischief in New York, and Poseidon’s son Percy. After that, nothing more of the project was made public. Now the creator of the young adult book series has his say. He announces in one YouTube-Videothat the series has officially received the green light from Disney+.

Also interesting:

Fans can still draw hope. After all, author Riordan should be more involved in the series production than in the movies. He is said to be co-writing and producing the pilot with writer Jon Steinberg.

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