Peskov on the bombing of the hospital in Kiev: Western countries do not want to hear the truth

“It is very difficult for us now to reach the Western world with the information we have, they don’t want to hear anything, we see the newspapers, we see the TV channels, we see the hysteria that is happening there around the coverage of the attack on the hospital in Kiev,” Peskov said.

The Russian presidential press secretary added that such a situation in the Western world may be linked to the monopolistic dominance of the Anglo-Saxon media there.

Military experts have revealed that the attack on the Okhmadat hospital building in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, was carried out using an AIM120 anti-aircraft missile from the US-Norwegian NASAMS air defense system.

Experts explained that the missile shown in the video does not have the distinctive wings of the Russian “Kha-101” missile.

The munition seen in the video closely resembles Western anti-aircraft guided missiles from Patriot and NASAMS air defense systems. It is likely that the missile defense system missed its target during the interception and fell on the children’s hospital.

This is not the first time that Kiev has been involved in such strikes and provocations.

For its part, the Russian Ministry of Defense denied bombing civilian targets in the city of Kiev, noting that these allegations come on the eve of the NATO summit in Washington to solicit more money and support.

The ministry stressed that Russian forces launched a complex strike with long-range precision weapons on military industry sites in Ukraine and military airports.

Source: RT

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2024-07-10 12:27:38

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