Peugeot XP 400: The Ultimate Cross Scooter With Sporty Design and European Craftsmanship

2023-06-04 07:00:00

Peugeot stands above all for scooters. With the exception of the Metroplis three-wheel scooter, since the end of the Satelis, the brand has no longer been represented in segments with more displacement than the 170 cc “200s”. That should change again. As part of the “New Gen Line” strategy, which also includes the PM-01 as a light motorcycle and 300 series, a new maxi scooter, the XP 400, is coming onto the market.

The XP 400 is designed as a cross scooter, which applies both to the design and to the motorcycle-like alignment of the chassis. The comparison with the Honda X-ADV automatically comes to mind at first sight, but the Peugeot is visually much sportier. The rear suspension is unusual, with the shock absorber lying and pushed out to the right, which is redirected to the swingarm via a rigid fork. With this construction, Peugeot promises better handling and greater driving comfort. A 41-millimeter upside-down fork works at the front and the scooter rolls on a 17-inch wheel.

There is no question that the mix of scooter and motorcycle works conceptually. The XP shows willingness to take curves and angles, whereby the driver can fully devote himself to the road thanks to the automatic transmission. Changes of direction are easy to do and, thanks to the low center of gravity, are done playfully from the hips. The Metropolis’ engine has been tuned slightly differently, but given the 37 horsepower it seems a bit tough. This may also be due to the high vehicle weight of 231 kilograms, which is not particularly noticeable when it comes to handling. As a rule, the single-cylinder moves between 5000 and 5500 rpm, where the highest torque is also present. In these speed ranges, the XP reaches up to 137 km/h scooters 100 or 115 km/h. The exhaust sound is sufficiently robust to slightly growling. The rear ABS responds quite early, but the front fork with 140 millimeters of spring travel and double disc brakes dives relatively deep when decelerating.

The windscreen relieves the upper body very well without causing major turbulence in the head and also proves to be a welcome travel companion on the motorway. Hand protectors are standard. The rear-view mirrors deserve their name, which unfortunately is not always the case with motorized two-wheelers.

Three compartments make everyday life easier. In the front area of ​​the seat there is a small storage area for the key of the keyless system, although the plastic flap requires a bit of pressure when closing it. There is space for a helmet under the rider, but again, size matters a bit. Jet goes rather than integral. Behind it, under the pillion cushion, is another glove compartment. Both the front part of the seat and the fuel filler neck are unlocked electronically at the push of a button.

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The Peugeot XP 400 rolls forward with a five-inch display, turn-by-turn navigation via app, Bluetooth Smart Key and USB socket – and in two versions. The Allure is the street version, so to speak, and offers, among other things, an adjustable transparent windscreen. The slightly more off-road trimmed GT has a rigid, tinted pane and costs 400 euros more. Both share the same tires as the Pirelli STR Rally, but the GT has spoked wheels, while the Allure uses cast wheels. At least on gravel, the XP moves safely even at higher speeds. Everyone has to find out for themselves how much ADV genes and enduro talent they really have. In any case, the crash bars available as accessories are excellent for the Peugeot. They can be further upgraded with fog lights, for example.

With the XP, the buyer gets a well-equipped maxi scooter with a fresh design and a good deal of driving pleasure. He can also look forward to a two-wheeler made in Europe. It is not for nothing that the Peugeot has the French flag on its flank, which also appears briefly on the display when starting. (cen/jri)

Specifications Peugeot XP 400

Drive: 1-cyl., 400 ccm, liquid-cooled, V-belt, CVT
Power: 27 kW / 28 hp at 8150 rpm
Max. torque: 38 Nm at 5400 rpm
Top speed: 137 km/h
Acceleration 0-100km/h: N/A A
Tank capacity: 13.5 liters
Seat height: 815mm
Weight: 231 kg (ready to drive)
Standard consumption: 3.8 l/100 km
Tires: 110/70 R 17 (front), 160/60 R 15 (rear)
Price: 7985 euros (+ NK)

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