Pharmacies check how medicines work together

2023-08-26 03:45:00

A pilot phase is now starting with 200 affected customers in 15 pharmacies in Vienna.

Overall, there are more than 500,000 people over the age of 60 in Austria who are affected by polypharmacy – i.e. the long-term use of several drugs – according to the Chamber of Pharmacists. “All patients who have applied to participate have been admitted, and all initial consultations have taken place,” says Raimund Podroschko, Vice President of the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists.

Available in 1400 pharmacies

The project is being scientifically supported by the University Clinic for Clinical Pharmacology at MedUni Vienna. The results of the study would be available in mid-2024 and would help ensure that the medication analysis could soon be rolled out in all 1,400 pharmacies in the country, emphasized the Chamber of Pharmacists. Medication analyzes are designed to identify drugs that are no longer required and to minimize interactions. The benefits are lower costs, improved health and increased health literacy.


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