Pop Star Ross Antony’s Feud with Dog Trainer Martin Rütter: The Inside Story

2023-11-22 04:45:05


Ross Antony wanted to enlist the help of dog professional Martin Rütter – but the pop star didn’t like his instructions at all.

Leipzig – As a dog trainer, Martin Rütter (53) offers his support to everyone – including German celebrities. Pop star Ross Antony (49) was not at all satisfied with the professional’s work: the singer was even really angry with the TV star.

Ross Antony angry: Martin Rütter banned him from having contact with dogs

The MDR talk show „Riverboat“ has a serious reputation – but there was a surprisingly raunchy moment recently: Désirée Nick (67) exposed herself in the middle of the show and embarrassed the presenter. This Friday (November 17, 2023) things were less revealing, but by no means boring: dog professional Martin Rütter revealed in the group why pop star Ross Antony doesn’t speak well to him.

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In the past, the trainer has been to Ross Antony’s home to help train his dog while filming for TV. “Ross was outraged after the days of filming. “He absolutely loves his dogs, but he drives the dogs crazy with his behavior. That means he jumps around the apartment, dances and sings – and the dogs are already excited,” the 53-year-old begins to say. In order to give the animals a break, the trainer had a plan: an absolute ban on contact with Ross.

“Then I said during training: Paul, his husband, is a calm, intelligent, reflective person. He should do that. […] My tip was that Ross shouldn’t have any contact with the dogs for the next eight weeks,” he explains. But the singer didn’t like that at all. “He was furious and said afterwards that he would never take part in the dog professional again,” says Martin Rütter.

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Ross Antony had reason to be happy this year

The pop star and his partner Paul have been married for five years – but this year Ross Antony and his husband renewed their vows. “Oops, what have we done again?” Ross wrote alongside a photo.

Ross Antony “was injured”: Martin Rütter regrets that today

The animal lover simply felt sorry for the dogs at the time – he wanted to help them. That’s why Martin Rütter still stands by his advice today. But he regrets one thing: he should have conveyed the whole thing to Ross Antony differently. “Ross understood very well what I meant. He was just injured. Maybe I wasn’t careful enough and should have sold the whole thing more carefully,” he concludes.

Even though Ross is no longer interested in Martin Rütter as a dog trainer, it hasn’t damaged their relationship. The TV star emphasizes that even in retrospect he still gets along well with the pop musician. Ross Antony, however, has a “real” argument with another celebrity: Michael Wendler (51). Sources used: “Riverboat”/ MDR (broadcast from November 17, 2023)

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