Potential Challenges and Concerns Surrounding Franchising of Delhaize in Nivelles

2023-08-08 17:15:00

We have indicated in these columns: Monday, after learning that their supermarket was among the first fifteen stores to be franchised, the workers of Delhaize in Nivelles spontaneously walked off the job.

At the forefront of the sling against this desire to franchise expressed a few months ago by the management of the group, they did not expect to be the first victims.

The Delhaize du Shopping de Nivelles remained closed all day Monday but Tuesday morning, the first customers were able to enter and be served. However, during the morning, the store closed its shutters. Nothing to do this time with union action: it was a concern with the fridges that prompted officials to temporarily close the doors of the store.

It reopened at the start of the afternoon, but certain refrigerators and therefore a series of products remained unavailable. The workers were again at their posts.

But they continue to question this announcement of rapid recovery within the framework of a franchise. If they thought that the process would be more complicated for the Nivelles store, it is in particular because of its integration into the Shopping mall, which is closed on Sundays and public holidays. A priori, this situation is not likely to encourage a buyer to get started. And on the union side, we are determined to fight against an extension of the current hours.

For the FGTB, the permanent Pascal Strube shared another source of astonishment on Tuesday. It concerns the condition of part of the building where the Delhaize store is housed. Expert report in support, he notes that work must be undertaken on site, and wonders if the buyer is aware of the situation.

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A specialized office has in fact recently visited the Delhaize aclot following the fall of fragments of cellular concrete. In mid-July, this office released a preliminary report on cracks, compromised load-bearing capacity for certain panels, and checks to be carried out on the roof.

And props have been laid so that customers can circulate safely in the store.

“The building does not belong to Delhaize but if work has to be done, this will result in a loss of earnings for the buyer. Is he aware of this? This is one of the questions we are asking ourselves… “slips Pascal Strube.

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