Preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics: Brazilian Micale Rejects Offer and Seeks Alternatives for Friendly Matches

2023-10-26 04:00:00

Hassan Al-Saadani Thursday, October 26, 2023 07:00 AM

Brazilian Micale, the coach of the Olympic team, rejected the offer made by one of the marketing companies to face Colombia in a friendly match, while the technical and administrative staff, in coordination with the Football Association, continue to search for alternatives to hold two friendlies in the next camp.

The Egyptian Olympic team received an offer from its counterpart, the Colombian team, to play a friendly match next November or December as part of the preparations for the Pharaohs’ Olympics.

Mikali called on Football Association officials to quickly finalize the agreement to play two friendly matches during the camp next November in preparation for participation in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Mikali stipulated that the friendly matches be against European or Latin American teams, in order to achieve the maximum possible technical benefit and to give the Olympic team players more experience by interacting with various football schools.

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