“Preventing Back Pain: Expert Tips for Correct Sitting and Sleeping Positions”

2023-05-15 19:38:41

Follow-up – Susan Hassan

People who sit incorrectly for a long time are prone to back pain
Physiotherapist Sammy Margot reveals four everyday positions that can lead to back pain.

Margo says that these positions can lead to complex back problems in the future.

Lean on the wheel

Leaning on the steering wheel can negatively affect the health of the spine.
To protect your spine while driving, make sure your hips are bent back once morest the seat cushion.
The line of sight should be above the steering wheel, and the seat should be tilted slightly.

Relax at your desk

Try to keep your ears, shoulders, and thighs parallel to your shoulders.
staring at the phone

Don’t look at your phone while walking.
When the screen is at eye level, look at the screen.
Sleeping on the couch

It causes the spine to become abnormal.
The best sleeping position is on your side, which supports the natural curve of your spine.

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