Preventing Gastric Cancer: A 29-Year-Old Woman’s Diagnosis and Recovery Story

2024-01-26 13:34:01

A 29-year-old woman in Shanghai was diagnosed with cancer. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo)

Improper living habits will affect your health. A 29-year-old woman surnamed Cao in Shanghai, China, recently sought medical treatment for stomach discomfort. She thought it was indigestion, but she was surprised to find she had a rare cancer during the examination. Since there are no symptoms in the early stages, if the condition is severe, the survival rate of late-stage patients is generally only half a year to 1 year. Years, five years, the survival rate is 0, which is quite scary.

According to “Kankan News”, Ms. Cao came to the Gastroenterology Department of Yangpu District Central Hospital in Shanghai for treatment due to frequent gastroesophageal reflux. After the initial diagnosis, she underwent a gastroscopy and found two ulcerated and red spots on the gastric antrum mucosa. Further tests asked the doctor to She was shocked because Ms. Cao was less than 30 years old and suffered from signet ring cell carcinoma. Fortunately, it was discovered at an early stage and she underwent minimally invasive surgery and recovered well.

Understanding Ms. Cao’s living habits shows that she is engaged in e-commerce live broadcasting, and her daily work pressure is relatively high. She has irregular meals, often skips breakfast, drinks coffee frequently, and also drinks alcohol from time to time, which is a risk factor for gastric cancer.

Ms. Cao usually has irregular work and rest schedules and irregular meals. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo)

What exactly is signet ring cell carcinoma? This is a special type of gastric cancer that contains a large amount of mucus. Because the cells are filled with mucus, the nucleus is pushed to one side of the cell, making it look like a ring, hence its name. This type accounts for regarding 9.9% of gastric cancers. It is a rare but highly malignant malignant tumor. It is characterized by its strong insidiousness, no symptoms in the early stage, and rapid spread along the submucosal layer. If it reaches the late stage, the patient’s survival rate is average. With only 6 to 12 months left, the 5-year survival rate is almost zero.

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Signet ring cell carcinoma is often called the “King of Gastric Cancer” due to its strong invasiveness, rapid disease progression, and high malignancy. However, surgical oncology experts point out that with early detection and timely treatment, the 5-year survival rate can reach over 90%.

Li Li, chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology at Yangpu District Central Hospital, explained that patients with a family history of gastric cancer, poor eating habits, long-term gastric ulcers, gastric polyps, etc., are high-risk groups. It is recommended to undergo gastroscopy, which can identify gastric cancer early. The chances of finding a cure are high.

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