Prey (Disney +): the Predator prequel now has a trailer and a date

Disney has decided to offer a prequel to Predator with this new film whose action takes place on the territory of the Comanches, approximately 300 years ago. We discover the story of the young Naru:

« Raised from a young age in the shadow of legendary hunters roaming the Great Plains, she now makes it her duty to protect her tribe whenever danger threatens her. She discovers that the prey she is stalking at the moment is none other than a particularly evolved alien predator equipped with the most sophisticated cutting-edge arsenal. A confrontation as perverse as it is terrifying soon begins between the two adversaries.”, according to the synopsis.

The series is produced by Dan Trachtenberg and co-produced by Jhane Myers, known for her attachment to Indian cultures. This should guarantee a certain fidelity as to the portrait drawn of the Comanche nation (an essential point in the film’s specifications). Regarding the casting, we find:

  • Amber Midthunder
  • Stormee Kipp
  • Michelle Thrush
  • Julian Black Antilope
  • Dakota Beavers

Scheduled for release on August 5th on Disney+the film will be reserved for those over 16 and accessible only in the Star universe (for 16+ profiles).

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Source: Disney press release

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