Prince Harry and the infidelity to Meghan Markle with a model, here are the details

The relationship between the Prince Harry y Meghan Markle has been the subject of much debate since its inception, and while their marriage appears to be strong and happy today, it is said that the Prince Harry He was unfaithful with a model to his current wife before their marriage, with whom he was in love.

All this came to light in the biography of the British royal family, Angela Levineis the one who revealed the alleged infidelity of Harry a Markle with a model.

According to Levine, the Prince was going to end the relationship he had with the actress Meghan Markle, because he was in love with the attractive model Sarah Ann McLeanshortly after Harry y Meghan they decided to get married.

Levin said:

It was believed that Harry I was dating the model Sarah Anne McLean at the beginning of his relationship with Meghan

They met at a private party and he asked her for her phone number and filled it with text messages. But it turned out to be an adventure.

Levine claimed that the relationship of Harry With the model it could not be given because he was scared by the lifestyle of the model, since they are completely different.

She lives a very clean life and barely drinks, and they are in different perceptions on that, which is why Harry avoided her a bit.

But Harry is not alone in his infidelities, since it is believed that Meghan started dating him Prince Harry while still continuing his relationship with Cory Vitiello.

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After everything that happened, Meghan y Harry they decided to make their relationship official and get married, while model Sarah found success as an influencer, where she also shares nutrition tips.

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