Prison or ‘Mediterranean Club’? A Brussels lawyer shocked by his visit to Haren prison

It is an understatement to say that Denis Bosquet was shocked by this signage and these colored pictograms. “I find this absolutely unworthy. Unworthy for the families who go to visit the detainees; unworthy for the prison officers who do a complicated job there; unworthy for the detainees themselves who return there following a prison ticket or following prison leave. I find that this is absolutely inadmissible and I wonder who could have first imagined and then designed this panel”.

Delegate CGSP prisons, Laurent Lardinois did not discover these color codes and these exotic names this week. Which does not prevent him from show puzzled, at the very least.

“It’s on the model of amusement parks. One day, we arrived and there was a little background music on the central square too. Very strange as an impression. Really very strange. (…) Is- “What’s shocking? What would be nice is if it were effective and apparently it really isn’t because inmate movement in Haren prison is still problematic at the moment.”

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