Product Recall Alerts: Dangerous Pencils and Ballpoint Pens for Children

2023-11-07 16:02:00

This very dangerous pencil for children is the subject of a recall, it must be destroyed urgently at all costs!

On a daily basis, many food products and items are subject to product recall. Contamination by dangerous bacteria or manufacturing defects, care must be taken with items purchased by consumers.

A new reminder for a pencil

Every day, the government website Rappel Conso warns about products that you should definitely not consume or use. And the least we can say is that the articles which concern babies and children are also affected.

While manufacturers should be even more vigilant, this is not at all the case. Recently, the government website decided to raise the alert about a recall to be taken very seriously.

Indeed, Rappel Conso revealed that a “Little Monster” pencil from the Miquelrius brand could prove very dangerous for your children. While it can make little ones dream with its red pompom, it could cause terrible internal damage.

A prefectural decree was also issued this Monday, November 6 regarding this famous product. If this article alerted the authorities it is because of the absence of CE marking linked to the risk of ingestion.

This is also a much-needed indication to preserve the safety of children who use this pencil. However, the latter has been on sale for a while in stores without this famous mention.

A dangerous product for children

Since June 1, stationery stores and bookstores have released this pencil which does not have this essential notice. Especially since it also presents a very important indication for parents.

They pay very close attention to the notices on products given to the little ones. If you have purchased this product which is the subject of a recall, please note that the prefectural decree has provided information.

In fact, you just have to destroy it. Another option is possible for people who have purchased this item. It is always possible to return it to the point of sale where you purchased it.

This way, you can get a refund. Don’t forget to present the prefectural decree to recover your money. One thing is certain, you must be very careful with this pencil which can present a danger to your child.

Besides, be aware that another product is dangerous. If it is not subject to a recall, be aware that you should be very careful not to give a ballpoint pen to your children when they go to school.

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Beware of the ballpoint pen

In an interview with, Aurélie Mathieu, coordinator of expertise on dangerous substances in supplies at the National Food Safety Agency (ANSES) spoke.

She revealed: “Ballpoint pens contain three harmful substances noted by UFC-Que Choisir. First the isothiazolinones. These are fairly common preservatives since they are found, for example, in certain detergents, paints and cosmetic products.”

Before specifying: “These are allergens. Added to this is benzyl alcohol, a perfuming substance that can cause skin allergies. It is regularly used in industry as a preservative, coloring or perfume.

If the ballpoint pen is not subject to a product recall, it is dangerous for health according to UFC-Que Choisir. The expert emphasized: “On the theoretical risks of cancer in ballpoint pens, danger does not mean risk« .

Before indicating: “There are many dangerous substances present, including a carcinogen that can lead to exposure without being able to conclude on the risk. Indeed, no risk assessment has been carried out.”

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