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In July 2021 Helena Fürst (48) was admitted to a psychiatric ward in Frankfurt am Main after a neighborhood dispute, to which the police had also been called. “The officers on site tried to calm the upset woman. She hit the head of a colleague, whereupon she was thrown to the ground and fixed by the officers,” the officers told “Bild” at the time.


Helena Fürst back from psychiatry: criminal charges!

On June 24, Helena Fürst was admitted to the closed… Read more “

The big celebrity penance: neighborhood dispute after the shoot

The reason was, among other things, that Fürst insulted the police officers and even injured a law enforcement officer on the shoulder. “Ultimately, the accused was arrested for property damage, insult, assault and resistance to police officers. A doctor finally decided on their admission, “because there was also a suspicion of self-endangerment and even suicide.” Before that, Fürst was closed from filming “The Great Celebrity Penance” came home.

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Now there is the all-clear. As Fürst, who is currently making headlines as part of the reality show, reports on Instagram, the procedure has been discontinued. “Thank you very much, Mr. Public Prosecutor,” she says happily, “Justice and truth still prevail!”

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