Protecting Bee Hives: Tips for Neutralizing Hornet Nests and Minimizing Bee Stress in Late Summer

2023-08-22 05:05:36

This work to protect the hives, coupled with the search for and neutralization of hornet nests, must absolutely be done at the end of summer. “We are still in the period when these nests have not produced the reproductive individuals that we will find next year, explains Louis Moneger, amateur beekeeper and teacher at the Brussels school apiary. So if we neutralize a nest now, it produces no reproductive individuals and we reduce the number of individuals capable of founding nests for the following year.

Finding the nests is one thing, protecting the bees from stress is another. Because yes, bees get stressed when the hornet is on their doorstep. And once more, this end of summer is important. “Sif we let the Asian hornets come in front of the hives now, the colony will be stressed; the bees will not go out to look for food. And in particular they will not go looking for pollen, describes Louis Moneger. And it is the pollen that is fundamental to the health of the colony in winter. If there is a pollen deficiency now, we will have colony population collapses in late October, early November. Then the colony will die very quickly.”

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