PS1 Classics The Legend of the Dragoon and Wild Arms 2 Now Available on PS Store, Optimized for PS4

In the vast catalog of the first PlayStation, few games have been so lovingly surpassed by fans to this day. That’s why Sony has been kind enough to port them over, and give them the same quality treatment they deserve on today’s systems, deserves a standing ovation. Today, two PS1 classics are now available as PlayStation Store digital titles for PS4, and they’re Legends of the Dragoon and Wild Arms 2.

“Dragoon Legend” was released in Japan in 1999 and did not land in Europe until 2001. While the reviews weren’t great at the time, it managed to gather a legion of fans who kept asking Sony to continue the series, or at least allow them to enjoy the game on subsequent hardware releases. Wild Arms 2, on the other hand, is the sequel to JPRG, released in 1996 by Media Vision and Sony.

Available today separately via the PS Store, these new versions include the ability to earn trophies, which is sure to get many veterans and some new players jumping into some old-school adventures. Both games are priced at €9.99 and are included in PS Plus.

The Legend of the Dragoon

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