PSG will probably have to cut salaries because of financial fair play

Paris Saint-Germain must, according to the French sports newspaper The Team Reduce payroll costs by 30 percent before the start of the upcoming season to comply with Financial Fair Play rules.

Marquinhos and Lionel Messi, whose contracts expire in the case of the Brazilian in 2024 and in the case of the Argentine in the summer, are likely to be affected by the savings. According to the club management, both should be extended, which ex-PSG player Jérôme Rothen did not approve of in Messi’s case.

“Messi’s extra time sucks,” said Rothen RMC Sport. “There’s just the payroll. PSG are under pressure because of financial fair play because the salary costs have exploded. Now you would have the opportunity to free up a large sum with Messi’s salary. With that you might buy and improve the squad. It’s a bad idea , wanting to extend with Messi,” he added.

After a poor debut season, Messi turned up the heat for PSG this season. Overall, he now has 26 goals and 28 assists in 58 competitive games for the club during his time in Paris.

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