Public assistance payment, decision to postpone reduction Conventional health insurance card examination fee increased | | Nationwide news

Increased consultation fees for existing health insurance cards

On the 21st, the government decided on policies related to social security and children during negotiations with related ministers for the initial budget bill for fiscal 2023. As part of the once-every-five-years revision of the amount of public assistance payments, the amount will not be reduced for two years from fiscal 2011 to fiscal 2024. Considering rising prices.Leave the amount unchanged or increase it, including households that would otherwise receive a reduction

Medical institutions that accept My Number Cards, which serve as health insurance cards, have decided to raise prices from April to December 2011 for those who use traditional health insurance cards such as paper. The amount to be raised will be 6 yen for those who pay 30% of the cost at the counter.

The rate of employment insurance premiums paid by labor and management will be raised by 0.2 percentage points from April next year to 1.55%.

As for child-related measures, subsidies will be expanded from FY2011.

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