Public Flogging in Aceh, Indonesia: Young Couple Punished for Violating Islamic Law

2023-06-07 20:52:54

Exclusive translation: The Indonesian authorities executed a sentence of flogging a young man and a girl, 25 lashes, in public for violating Islamic law in the Aceh region, Indonesia, after they were caught in an obscene position inside a parked car.

According to the “Daily Mail”, the unmarried young man and girl were found in the city of Banda Aceh on the island of Sumatra, and the public flogging took place in the Bustan al-Sultan complex at noon last Wednesday.

The 23-year-old girl and the 24-year-old were given 21 lashes, down from 25.

A number of photos showed a police officer speaking into a microphone to those watching the act while others took pictures, and the executioner was seen, covered from head to toe in a brown cloak-like outfit with two eye holes covered by a white mask.

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