2023-04-26 21:31:34

Maintaining private property in Iquitos, at this point, seems like an impossible job. For several days, the former Molinera Giulfo, located in the Punchana district (Iquitos) has been facing a systematic attack by criminals hired by a mafia that traffics in land that have destroyed its perimeter fence of more than 200 meters long and 5 meters high. , at the point of combat.

And the authorities? Well thank you, making political propaganda and promising homes in the surrounding areas of the place you want to capture.

The invasions in the city are carried out in full view and with the patience of the authorities, who in their actions go on to arrest some of the invaders and then release them without any effective penalty, for which they are hired once more to continue invading other properties.

Tough people, drug addicts and homeless people have even been hired to surround the places to scare off the owners.


A large-scale project is planned in these properties that will provide 3,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs, which is being postponed due to the lack of security and protection in the area.

The land is located next to EsSalud and adjoins the land of the Peruvian Navy.


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