Putin is preparing to officially announce the annexation of four Ukrainian regions to Russia

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On Friday, the Russian President is expected to supervise in the Kremlin a ceremonial annexation of four Ukrainian regions, in which “referendums” have been organized in the past days, namely Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson. The area that Moscow intends to annex represents about 15 percent of the territory of Ukraine. Follow the latest developments of the war in Ukraine hour by hour.

4:45 The Kremlin announces the annexation of four Ukrainian regions during Friday’s ceremony

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared his independence Ukraine’s Zaporizhia and Kherson regionsAccording to presidential decrees published Thursday evening, on the eve of Russia’s preparations to annex them on Friday.

“I order the recognition of the sovereignty and independence” of the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions in southern Ukraine, Putin said in the decree.

Putin is scheduled to announce on Friday that the two regions are part of Russia. It was reported earlier that Putin would begin the process of annexing four Ukrainian regions to Russia on Friday, including Kherson and Zaporizhia, in a move the United Nations warned would constitute a “dangerous escalation” and threaten the prospects for peace, while Kyiv vowed a harsh response.

3:00 The Security Council voted Friday on a draft resolution condemning the “referendums” to annex Ukrainian regions to Russia

The UN Security Council will vote Friday on a draft resolution condemning the “referendums” to annex several Ukrainian regions to Russia, according to what the French presidency of the council announced Thursday evening, a text that it has no chance of adopting due to the Russian veto.

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The draft resolution prepared by the United States and Albania, the exact details of which have not yet been published, has no chance of passing due to Russia’s veto, but can then be submitted to the UN General Assembly.

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