Putin Vows Retribution for Ukraine Attacks on Russian Territory During Presidential Election

2024-03-16 04:48:00

President Vladimir Putin of Russia Statement preparing to punish Ukraine The base tried to attack and attack the territory. creating chaos during election day

President Vladimir Russia’s Putin says Ukraine must be punished for attempting to disrupt the Russian presidential election by firing artillery targeting civilians in Russian territory. As well as another 2,500 well-equipped soldiers trying to penetrate Russia’s borders. which Putin stated Such crimes will not be allowed to go unpunished. Putin’s statement came on the first day of the Russian presidential election, a three-day period from 15 – 17 March 2024.

This year, it was an online election along with a ballot election at the booth. Covers all areas, including the four Ukrainian territories that were annexed to Russia in 2022.

Russian state media Tass news agency reported that the count was until the followingnoon. Moscow local time 23% of people have come out to exercise their right to vote.

Many agree that Putin will undoubtedly win the election and remain president for another six years, without a reliable opponent or a rival with anti-government and anti-government stances. Ukraine was banned from voting in the war.

As for the main rival, “Alexei Navalny”, he just died in prison on February 16, 2024. Other critics are already imprisoned or exiled.

While Russian officials detained several citizens in the offense of disrupting polling stations in many areas of the country including in Moscow Voronezh city and Karachai-Cherkessia region After someone came to exercise their rights, they poured green paint into the box and then set fire to the ballot box. There were also fireworks and even Molotov cocktails being thrown into booths.

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There were also reports of improvised explosive devices hidden in trash cans in front of booths in Skadovsk in occupied Ukraine. An explosion occurred. But there were no injuries and eight people were arrested, and it is not clear whether Was this an act of protest once morest Putin?

while President Volodymir Ukraine’s Zelensky says Russia will receive equal response from Ukrainian forces following Moscow’s military fired missiles at residential areas in Odessa. in a port city on the Black Sea of ​​Ukraine on March 15, 2024, causing at least 20 deaths and more than 70 injuries, making it the deadliest attack in recent weeks.

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