Puzzling Fire Outbreaks Terrify Sohag Governorate: Unexplained Causes and Supernatural Entities?

2023-06-29 21:42:01

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sohag governorate in Upper Egypt has been witnessing frequent outbreaks of fires in several homes for a month now, without knowing the cause, which caused a state of terror among the people.

The people explained that the fire breaks out in a house suddenly, and minutes following the fire is brought under control, another house catches fire. According to “Egypt Times”.

A house owner said that 9 apartments had some of their contents charred as a result of the fire, in addition to the death of 4 cows and the fire in the yard that housed them.

And he continued: “The death and destruction of homes. Houses burn, animals die, and furniture burns. We can’t find a solution. Even the Qurans burn. We don’t know how to sleep out of anxiety, working in shifts.”

He added, “The elves are the reason, especially since the fire broke out in the water.” And he went on to say: “No one believed what happened, there is no explanation except that the jinn in our homes started the fire, which rises in a minute and spreads at the speed of lightning.”

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