Qatar National Library: A Treasure Trove of Historical Manuscripts and Artifacts

2023-07-18 02:17:20

Doha: Centuries-old manuscripts and historical heritage Qatar National Library brings visitors to Putulamurai Its strength is remarkable. Over 3500 Islamic manuscripts and around 500 calligraphic panels Library and Artifacts and Public Library Heritage Area It becomes very interesting for researchers. This chapter is notable for its unique and comprehensive content. Apu is very popular with the support of National Library. Stefan J., who is in charge of Rvasekhara. Eppert said.

Since its inception, the Heritage Library at Q.N.L. It is on the path of creation and the wealth of Qatar and the region. A collection of diverse objects that showcase the cultural heritage Stefan J. is expanding to include Eppert added.

7th to 10th centuries of historical and religious importance 100 from the earliest versions of the Holy Qur’an up to Here are the pages. Auto provides valuable resources for researchers and scholars. Collection of Manuscripts on Islamic Science including Graphs Nyamaya Shekhara is also here.

In 2022, a rare Chinese Qur’an manuscript from the 18th century There are about 40 unique objects from the end to the beginning of the 19th century. He said that he had taken it to the library.

Valuable donations from Qatari families and library It contributed greatly to the growth. Relationship with personal correspondence, marriage and death This includes all documents and trade agreements. Property of Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, the founder of Qatar is also here – he explained.

Collaboration with the British Library for the Library’s Digital Shekharam V It is said that he played a crucial role in making Pulikari. Shekhara in heritage library is very popular among general public. Sitting – Ippert repeated.

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Qatar National Library, digitizing its collection of manuscripts It has been four years since the lysing process is progressing. All digitized records are available in QNL’s digital repository. He clarified that it has been made available in Nath.

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