Qatar threatens to ban rainbow flags at the World Cup, and a message to gays

The Egyptian Football Association intends to submit an official request to the International Football Association “FIFA” and its African counterpart “CAF” to replay the match between Egypt and Senegal, in the second leg of the decisive stage qualifying for the World Cup Qatar 2022, according to local reports.

And the president of the Egyptian Football Association, Gamal Allam, demanded that the replay match be held in a neutral country, proposing the name of Qatar, following the star of the team, Mohamed Salah, was subjected to many attacks in Senegal, according to the newspaper.Mirror” British.

Allam had told local TV channels that the match would not be repeated, and that the African Union may impose financial penalties or prevent fans from attending some of the official matches of their country’s team in the future, at best.

Regarding the harassment of the Pharaohs’ national team, Allam said in televised statements: “We moved from the residence hotel at 2:30 in the followingnoon to be at the match stadium at 3 or 3:30 at the latest, but we found crowds on the road, and I don’t know if this was the case. It was intentional or not, and we got there around four in the followingnoon.”

He added, “There was friction from the fans, as they threw water bottles inside the stadium, but nothing happened from them outside the stadium.”

He continued, “We played the match in a difficult atmosphere, but thank God the players gave what they had, and we were hoping to qualify for the World Cup.”

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In another interview with the sports channel “BN Sport”, Allam said, “He continued:” We will attend the African Union meeting on Friday, and we will discuss during the meeting this crisis, and we will confirm that the match was held in a terrorist image and not in a fair manner.”

And he added, “The atmosphere in the match affected the players and fans, and one person was injured and taken to the hospital, even we, members of the Football Association, sat on the national team’s bench, because there were no designated places for us.”

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