Rail traffic has resumed from and to Brussels, significant delays are to be expected

Train traffic was interrupted for half an hour after a computer failure in the signal box, reports Frédéric Petit, spokesman for Infrabel. Following the breakdown, there are still significant delays on the tracks, but they should be resolved during the afternoon. At 10:15 a.m., the movement of the trains concerned was interrupted due to a signal box failure. “Since 10.45 a.m., rail traffic to and from Brussels and on the North-South link can resume normally,” said Petit. The disturbance was related to software, following a computer failure in the signal box.

“Train traffic was interrupted for half an hour. Many trains stopped at surrounding stations.” Rail traffic can now resume, but with ensuing delays. During the afternoon, all the delays should have been resolved. “In principle, there will be no disruption before the evening rush hour.”

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